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Irish Ferries
Mailing List

Welcome to Motorhomecraic, for motorhomers across Ireland.

Motorhomecraic was established on 24/08/2011 and was the first dedicated Motorhome website and forums for Ireland. In that short time we have had 12 million visitors and 3500 registered members!

Why not register? it only takes a minute. Inside you will find all sorts of great information for Motorhoming in Ireland.

Height barriers - an infringment on our Human Rights?

Some discussion in [Links are only visible for registered users] topic about height barriers, but it requires it's own topic as it is a different issue entirely.

There is work going on from different parties, I am not sure what [Links are only visible for registered users] are doing but some from Motorhomecraic have started negotiations with Newry & Down Council about how they affect Motorhome tourism.

Also there has been great work by [Links are only visible for registered users] in Scotland and I believe he is now working on England, there is another website which campaigns in England, I'll look for it later.

There is also our French Counterparts, someone will need to point me in the direction of their website, whom are campaigning and having success in removing height barriers.
Posted on 20.10.2016 from Douzeper | Read here (10 Answers)

An open letter for Campsite owners

Campsite owners who oppose Motorhome Parking:

An open letter to those Campsite Owners who oppose European style overnight Motorhome parking places, some information for you to digest, take on board, in an attempt to open dialogue in how we can support each other (Motorhomers and campsite owners) instead of Campsite owners alienating Motorhomers.

Some Facts:

* In this article the word 'Motorhomes' covers, Motorhomes, Campervans & RV's

  • Motorhomes, being in the same vehicle category as cars under EU law can legally park anywhere a car can.
  • Motorhome owners can go for days without the use of a Campsite as they are self contained.
  • We carry fresh water, waste water tanks and most have facilities on board to cook, wash, shower and go to the toilet.
  • Most Motorhomes are self sufficient in food preparation.
  • We do require the use of facilities every few days, to service a Motorhome, refill of fresh water, charge batteries and empty toilets. Motorhomers will pay for this service.
  • We are not anti campsite.

Some Councils in Ireland have started adding service points for Motorhomes, they realise the benefit for tourism that this creates, providing such facilities also serves to counter the undesirable situation where some people find themselves forced to dispose of their grey and black water in an inappropriate manner.. Motorhomes are not Caravans and do not have caravan owners needs. But we do have needs which campsite owners can provide. They are two completely different types of market & clientelle.

Instead of some campsites opposing LEGAL Motorhome Parking here is a suggestion: allow Motorhomers to avail of your services by charging a reduced fee to service a Motorhome. Most of us do not require a pitch, electric hook up, play parks, swimming pools or any other of the things that a campsite may provide. But we will pay to service a Motorhome. Why not charge a fee for this and instead of turning away Motorhomers, make some money from them by opening your business to a different clientelle, one that would normally not visit your site. Perfect business sense?

Create an area for a Motorhome to visit for a short stay, or let them call in and use your services if they need too.

Basic servicing of a Motorhome:

  • Fill up on board fresh water tanks, usually around 100 litres
  • Empty Grey waste tanks over a drive over drain
  • Empty toilet cassette

Those three simple things are already on most campsites and therefore those campsites can charge a fee for someone wishing to service their Motorhome.

If campsite owners all over Ireland provided this service, then it would be diversifying their business to keep up with the ever growing Motorhome popularity and provide a network for tourism which benefits us all.

By trying to oppose something that is legal some campsite owners are alienating the Motorhome community in Ireland. Campsite owners do not have a monopoly on holidays. The same as a restaurant cannot stop the opening of a Coffee Shop.

We can work together to benefit both parties or we can bury our heads in the sand which will not really affect Motorhome owners but will prove that Campsite onwers are not eager to change their business model and move with the times ahead.

We are open to dialogue between all parties and if any campsite owners would like to comment, then please feel free to do so.

Please remember, Motorhomes can park legally anywhere a car can so help us to help you.
Posted on 18.10.2016 from Douzeper | Read here (9 Answers)

Palace On wheels

Sent to us by Flansvan...

[Links are only visible for registered users]
Posted on 10.10.2016 from Douzeper | Read here (10 Answers)

unexplained issue

Hi All,
i am currently very upset. We have just returned from France and today my dog has just died. She was a 10 month old healthy pup. We had all the relative inoculations and vet treatments. On the way home in the boat she was sick and we thought that it was due to the quite rough crossing. We had visited her on all available options and ensured that plenty of water etc was available.
I have taken my dogs abroad for many years and am currently at a total loss. I am almost quite sure that some kind of poison was put out in Cherbourg Port/ Docks, or the vaccination which we had 2 days before caused the poisoning. I meet with a Irish motorhomer in Cherbourg His name was Kevin and he drove a 08/DL registered over cab van. I noticed that he had sickness issues during the crossing with his dog who was also in Cherbourg docks and I would appreciate to know if his dog is ok. This would at least exclude some of my concern if the dog is ok
The vet who treated my dog today said that she had septic poisoning and as a result died, possibly caused by poison or some other form of toxic substance or virus. I am quite sure that no ticks or other had bitten the dog during our stay and it would interest me if this has happened to other travelers on this forum who have visited France with their pets. All input to establish the cause of my dogs death would be appreciated, this may help to save this type of occurrence from happening again.


Posted on 07.10.2016 from chalkey | Read here (17 Answers)

New MHC advertiser

Welcome to [Links are only visible for registered users] - our latest advertiser and also a Craic Member, please support his business.

If you need anythigng sharpened, he's the man to do it, other services also - check out their website:

[Links are only visible for registered users]
Posted on 04.10.2016 from Douzeper | Read here (8 Answers)


Hi al I'm thinking of getting a tracker for the m/h as my son got his car stole last week a 5 series bmw they got into the house and got the keys a few other things and of they went as usual the pnsi can do nothing about it even tho the child's pram which was in the boot came up on gumtree for sale anyway does anyone have a tracker how much and how good are they any info welcome
Posted on 29.09.2016 from hillton9 | Read here (8 Answers)

Anyone use an EZA system ?

Is anyone using one of the EZA lithium power packs?
I have read about them before but instead of putting the money into one we changed the van.

Now I am back looking but would like to hear from someone using one.

As far as I can see I would need to spend over £3500 before fitting to get the 130amp plus the cable and inverter.
[Links are only visible for registered users]
Posted on 26.09.2016 from mark | Read here (12 Answers)

Vets in France

I know it's been covered many times but I'll ask again! I will be leaving Ile de Ré on Wednesday next and heading to Roscoff and I'm just wondering if anyone knows a vet here on the island that's familiar with the passport so as I can be sorted before I get to the ferry. I'd like to have if done so I can travel to Roscoff at leisure.
Posted on 17.09.2016 from lookaround | Read here (3 Answers)

Vantastival 2017


June 3rd & 4th

Posted on 07.09.2016 from Douzeper | Read here (1 Answers)

Sunflowerfest 2017

Sunflowerfest16 will go down in history as the best festival of the year, it is really gathering pace now and parts are starting to sell out, so get your tickets early, not forgetting your camparvam supplement.

You must load your campervan in on 27th July between 5PM & 8PM and either stay that night until Monday, or leave your van there and come back again on Friday.

Posted on 07.09.2016 from Douzeper | Read here (1 Answers)

Gas bottles

I'm sure this has been covered before so if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

I went to change my gas bottle at the weekend to be told "it's a German bottle and very hard to find". I've had the van for over a year and it still has the original gas bottle. I always stay on sites and don't use a huge amount of gas. I'm going to France next week though so am in a bit of a panic now. Does anyone know of a place that will swap it for me or refill it - I'm in Kinsale so hopefully I won't have to travel too far.

The guy in the shop said I wouldn't have a problem swapping it in France. Does anyone know if that is the case.

I'll try to upload a couple of pictures of the bottle and regulator.

Posted on 29.08.2016 from lookaround | Read here (18 Answers)

Over 3500 kg MOT

To make a short story long I took the van in for MOT this morning, when booking I was aware that the ALKO chassis plate under the bonnet states that it has been upgraded to 3850kg but the tax book has no revenue weight listed. I tried on line initially to book it as PHG but vehicle was unknown, I then tried as a car and appointment came up.
When I arrived at the test centre the inspector got excited and sent for the manager who came out and said that the booking could go ahead but the emission smoke test had to be carried out as it was over 3500 kg. The emission tester was placed in the exhaust pipe and the van was revved to full throttle, a black plume of smoke at the beginning of the rev and when the throttle was released.. a fail. Despite half a dozen attempts it continued to fail. 4.2 and the pass rate was 3.0 for the turbo diesel.
He completed the remainder of the test and it also failed on the nearside headlamp, high allignment. I asked him did he think the emissions failure was down to fuel or engine problems and he said it could be either. I asked his opinion on whether I should down plate to 3500kg and therefore not have to do the emission test. We looked up the data from the axle weights when I was on the rollers for the brake test and when added together I was over the 3850kg upgrade. The van wasnt emptied for the test and along with myself and the tester. the water tank was full 160 litres and the van weighed 3940kg. Overloaded
I took the van to a diesel specialist and he suggested a conditioner in the fuel and winding the fuel pump back from "felt spec". I got my mechanic to do this and then drive the dung out of it for an hour and took it back for a retest. The burst of smoke was still happening initially when the throttle was pressed but there was no smoke from then or when the throttle was released. The tester this time was more sympathetic this time and didnt rev the dung out of it and it passed. :splits: :splits: :splits:
Now I need to notify DVLA of the PHG revenue weight and get the cheaper "road tax". I also need to identify why I have such a poor payload. Yes the water tank was full and this would weigh approx 150 kg, also the motor bike rack would add a considerable weight but other than that I need most other things already in the garage, maybe not the spare dometic fridge in the garage. The fuel tank was only quarter full.
The van itself must be inherently heavy.
Posted on 25.07.2016 from Chevy g20 | Read here (8 Answers)

Quality Electric Bikes for Sale

High quality Electric Ebikes for sale at Anchor Point Motorhomes. Durable and well made European Manufactured bikes that stand the test of time:

Gepida Electric Bikes
Gepida make durable, high performace E-bikes with Bosch battery, motor and control system. Bosch are the leaders in of ebike system on the European Market. The "tailwind" effect provided by the BOSCH ebike system currently brings momentum to 50 top European brands including Gepida delivering the highest standards in performance and comfort. Gepida e-bikes also come with hydra forming alloys, antishock suspension, hydraulic brake systems, the reputable Shimano gear system and a choice of rear and front wheel drive with approximately 100km range.
Price: €2,699.

Prestige Electric Bikes
Prestige are European designed E-bikes with full Aluminium frame for rugged yet light construction with suntour shocks and powered by a high performance 36V 12A 432Wh Lithium Ion Battery. Prestige electric bikes are also fitted with reputable 7 Speed shimano gear with 250 Watt front wheel drive motor capable of a 25kph assist over a 40 to 80km range. Folding option with similar spec also available.
Price: €1,499
Posted on 06.07.2016 from AnchorPointMotorhome | Read here (0 Answers)

Heated waste water tank

This comes as an additional option on a model I'm considering. Is it worthwhile having it.
Posted on 04.07.2016 from JMAC | Read here (7 Answers)

big day

well our big day has arrived! we head for rosslare soon and on to our first overseas trip to corwall,
really looking forward to the trip. all loaded and all checks done and if I forgot anything we can do without!
Posted on 03.07.2016 from oldautotrailer | Read here (11 Answers)

Reversing camera

Is it possible to add a second monitor on a reversing camera I need to monitor my boat and trailer and leave my existing camera as it is
Posted on 03.07.2016 from paddyx | Read here (3 Answers)

Weight of your Motorhome

Do you know the weight of your Motorhome ?
Do you know the amount of weight you are legally allowed to carry?

It has amazes me how many don't know or don't care,
Posted on 03.07.2016 from mad max | Read here (17 Answers)

Off to France


going to France 10th July - 1 night Mont St Michel, 7 nights La Palmyre, 5 nights Jean de Mont. If anyone travelling in this direction would be good to say hello ...
Posted on 01.07.2016 from danduffymallow | Read here (8 Answers)

Puncture in France

Going on the premise that there is no such thing as a stupid question .........

Are punctures easy to fix on a 6 berth Fiat Ducato campervan? Worried about what the hell to do if we get a puncture in France - pretty good changing in a car but never done it in camper. Roadside assist? (or am I just a big girls blouse?)
Posted on 01.07.2016 from danduffymallow | Read here (31 Answers)

Portaferry Campsite

Disused Portafery campsite is sad to see, pity no one can get it open again as we enjoyed last weekend in Portaferry but had to park (with permission) in one of the primary Schools.

Shower blocks etc all vandalised.

Posted on 22.06.2016 from Douzeper | Read here (11 Answers)

Motorhome Parking Ireland APP

(iPhone app to follow in 2-3 weeks approx)

[Links are only visible for registered users]

Motorhome Parking Ireland has hundreds of Points of Interest for motorhomers in Ireland.
POIs include Aires de Service, free overnight parking spots, bars and restaurants that welcome motorhomes, as well as campsites. Most POIs have information and many have user reviews so you can see what other users' experiences have been before you head off. Once you select a POI you can then call your favourite navigation app to help get you there.
- Over 400 POIs
- Information on POIs
- Navigate directly from the app
- Add new POIs
- Add Reviews of POIs
- Regularly updated with new information daily

Free version provides information on Aires de Service, plus all other features. A yearly subscription will give you access to over 400 POIs.
Posted on 25.05.2016 from Douzeper | Read here (112 Answers)
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