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Welcome to MotorHomeCraic!
Welcome to, please introduce yourself here!
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Motorhome Chat
Motorhome Chat and Advice
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Re: Hurricane… by R&N
Today at 01:02
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Rallies, Events, Shows & meet ups.
Post all upcoming Rallies events and shows
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Re: Country S… by gavster1
Topics: 278
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Re: Donegal C… by thepilo…
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Across the Water
What's going on across the water in GB, France or further afield, post ferry deals, great places to stay etc
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Portugal Stop… by witzend
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American motorhome RV Corner
Post here any RV related items .
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Re: Chevy van by mad max
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Show us your Motorhome
Want to share some pics of your Motorhome? here is the place.
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Re: My New Ho… by mad max
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See the Sights
Film locations - area's of culture - sightseeing spots
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Re: Kells Gar… by sprinter
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Please vote in our POLL's, all poll's are anonymous.
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Re: Where are… by OurBev
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WEXFORD by Flipper…
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How it all works

Mechanical and Technical
Got a problem? ask in here and hopefully someone can help.
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Re: Re-sealin… by nilrac
Yesterday at 17:08
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Motorhome Tips & Guides
Useful tips and guides. Topics that are themselves a guide or topics that are moved by Admin as they are deemed worthy of helping others in the future. Technical topics must have an outcome to make it into this category.
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Re: Tips for … by Thorn123
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WiFi GPS 3G/4G
Connectivitiy - SatNavs - Networks - WiFi
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12 GB here by witzend
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Smart Phones
Discussion about Smart Phones, Android - IPhone - Blackberry etc
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Re: 1 p Mobile by StrandC…
Yesterday at 15:06
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Motorhome Parking

Legal Stopovers
Certified area's, legal overnight stops and Aires.
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Re: Aires for… by JJF
Yesterday at 12:48
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Motorhome Parking
Motorhome Parking area's and overnight area's.
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Re: Waterford… by Thorn123
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MH Friendly Pubs & Restaurant's
Own a pub or restaurant or can recommend one? Please post your stop overs here. Please make sure that you list the County and Town.
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Re: Harry's B… by ROBANDS…
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Parking App & Discussion
For Motorhome Parking Ireland App users.
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Re: How many ? by Ally
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Down the Pub

The Lounge.
Pull yourself up a Captains chair and let us have some of yer Craic! For discussion on anything - life, universe and all thats in it.
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Virgin media … by mad max
Yesterday at 13:13
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Jokes- Stuff from the Internet - Trivia
WARNING!! some jokes may offend!! if you are easily offended then please do not read them.
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Re: Hello Jeff by Flipper…
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For sale
Sell your MH and related stuff in here.
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Re: I Phone 6… by 60rubbe…
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Owners Forums

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Hymer Restore by celtich…
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Premium Members Forums

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Re: Statement… by ntg
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Craic Meets
Motorhomecraic organised events/meet section. Craic meets are for Subscribed members only.
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Re: Halloween… by JMAC
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Departure lounge
Sorry no Duty Free, but if you are heading away and want to let others know, this is the place to do it.
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Re: Cushendun by MABLACK
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Re: Stendhal … by Ally
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Service Reviews
Have you received a good service from someone? let us know about it in here.
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Re: Maynooth … by pol
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Product Reviews
Bought a product, found it useful or useless? let us know in here.
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Re: LPG by JJF
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Members Blogs, going on a journey want to blog it for other craic members to see? or just want to share your Motorhome experiences.
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Trip around E… by rebbyvid
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