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Welcome to Motorhomecraic, for motorhomers across Ireland.

Motorhomecraic was established on 24/08/2011 and was the first dedicated Motorhome website and forums for Ireland. In that short time we have had 12 million visitors and 3500 registered members!

Why not register? it only takes a minute. Inside you will find all sorts of great information for Motorhoming in Ireland.


Posted on 15.07.2016 from Douzeper | Read here (13 Answers)

Motorhomecraic Snubbed

Read through it expecting to see Motorhomecraic mentioned at least once. Everything else is mentioned. Are we, as the biggest collection of Motorhomers In Ireland being snubbed by a well known Magazine? Seems very strange that they never mentioned MHC, after all they have an account on MHC. Perhaps just an error on their part?

Posted on 10.07.2016 from CHAUSSON | Read here (20 Answers)

Do YOU own this Motorhome??

If you do, I have a suggestion for you, sell it!! you are ruining it for the rest of us. :bh: :bh: :bh:

Posted on 07.07.2016 from Douzeper | Read here (55 Answers)

Quality Electric Bikes for Sale

High quality Electric Ebikes for sale at Anchor Point Motorhomes. Durable and well made European Manufactured bikes that stand the test of time:

Gepida Electric Bikes
Gepida make durable, high performace E-bikes with Bosch battery, motor and control system. Bosch are the leaders in of ebike system on the European Market. The "tailwind" effect provided by the BOSCH ebike system currently brings momentum to 50 top European brands including Gepida delivering the highest standards in performance and comfort. Gepida e-bikes also come with hydra forming alloys, antishock suspension, hydraulic brake systems, the reputable Shimano gear system and a choice of rear and front wheel drive with approximately 100km range.
Price: €2,699.

Prestige Electric Bikes
Prestige are European designed E-bikes with full Aluminium frame for rugged yet light construction with suntour shocks and powered by a high performance 36V 12A 432Wh Lithium Ion Battery. Prestige electric bikes are also fitted with reputable 7 Speed shimano gear with 250 Watt front wheel drive motor capable of a 25kph assist over a 40 to 80km range. Folding option with similar spec also available.
Price: €1,499
Posted on 06.07.2016 from AnchorPointMotorhome | Read here (0 Answers)

Heated waste water tank

This comes as an additional option on a model I'm considering. Is it worthwhile having it.
Posted on 04.07.2016 from JMAC | Read here (3 Answers)

big day

well our big day has arrived! we head for rosslare soon and on to our first overseas trip to corwall,
really looking forward to the trip. all loaded and all checks done and if I forgot anything we can do without!
Posted on 03.07.2016 from oldautotrailer | Read here (6 Answers)

Reversing camera

Is it possible to add a second monitor on a reversing camera I need to monitor my boat and trailer and leave my existing camera as it is
Posted on 03.07.2016 from paddyx | Read here (3 Answers)

Weight of your Motorhome

Do you know the weight of your Motorhome ?
Do you know the amount of weight you are legally allowed to carry?

It has amazes me how many don't know or don't care,
Posted on 03.07.2016 from mad max | Read here (17 Answers)

Vineyards around Royan to Bordeaux

We are doing a family holiday soon and will be in La Palmyre kind of between Royan and Bordeaux. One of the things we would love to do would be take a time-out from the kiddie stuff and drag them to a vineyard for a half day somewhere. It would have to be reasonably kid-friendly, reasonably priced and accessible by camper van. Is there such a mythical place?
Looked at packages for Bordeaux vineyards and they all seem to be organized visits at 80 or 90 Euros each. I was more kind of hoping we could turn up at one of these places, eventually get brought around the winery, and then be shunted off to buy their stuff?
Posted on 01.07.2016 from danduffymallow | Read here (10 Answers)

Off to France


going to France 10th July - 1 night Mont St Michel, 7 nights La Palmyre, 5 nights Jean de Mont. If anyone travelling in this direction would be good to say hello ...
Posted on 01.07.2016 from danduffymallow | Read here (8 Answers)

Puncture in France

Going on the premise that there is no such thing as a stupid question .........

Are punctures easy to fix on a 6 berth Fiat Ducato campervan? Worried about what the hell to do if we get a puncture in France - pretty good changing in a car but never done it in camper. Roadside assist? (or am I just a big girls blouse?)
Posted on 01.07.2016 from danduffymallow | Read here (23 Answers)

Portaferry Campsite

Disused Portafery campsite is sad to see, pity no one can get it open again as we enjoyed last weekend in Portaferry but had to park (with permission) in one of the primary Schools.

Shower blocks etc all vandalised.

Posted on 22.06.2016 from Douzeper | Read here (8 Answers)

NI Tourism e mail reply

Dear Mr McCormick,

Re: Motorhomes

Thank you for your e-mail below dated 11 May 2016 to The Department for the Economy Tourism Liaison Branch regarding motorhome tourism. I have been asked to respond to your query as Policy & Insights Manager in Tourism Northern Ireland.

Although important to the local economy, and enjoyed by the domestic holiday market, the contribution of the Caravan, Motorhome & Camping (CMC) sector to tourism is low and is a relatively small component of the overall tourism industry in Northern Ireland. The sector contributes between £16.1million and £20.3million towards Gross Value Added (GVA) per annum. This represents between 1.9% and 2.5% of total estimated tourism GVA in Northern Ireland of £850 million. There are 75 registered parks, 16,000 pitches and 3,000 touring pitches. When compared to other destinations, parks offer fewer facilities such as indoor pools and recreational facilities, as well as bars and restaurants. The Republic of Ireland is on a similar scale with 93 registered parks and representing only 1% of overseas bed nights.

Tourism NI is supportive of the work of the Caravan & Camping Forum for Northern Ireland which represents the wider caravaning, camping and motorhome sector. The profile of parks on travel sites are generally very positive and a number of tourism pitches are located near key attractions. Tourism NI currently provides visitor information on the location of all Motorhome service points and Aires de Services points in Northern Ireland on its consumer website [Links are only visible for registered users] . There may be further opportunities for Aires de Service provision, where appropriate, on a local basis. This would be matter for consideration with representatives in the CMC sector in discussion with Local Councils.

Tourism NI is also supportive of the sector increasing its efforts to work together and in collaboration with Local Councils on the promotion of the existing offering, and to enable market opportunities beyond the domestic market to be identified. Tourism NI will continue to work with partners across government on strategic issues affecting the sector and also the wider tourism industry, such as ferry travel costs, the Euro/Sterling differential and VAT rates.

I trust this helps to answer some of your queries. Please see my contact details below should you wish to discuss this further.

Kind regards,
Andy Patterson

Andy Patterson

Policy and Insights Manager

Tourism Northern Ireland
Direct Dial: 028 9044 1602

Email: [Links are only visible for registered users]

Plese let me know if you think this is worth replying to, or are there any points ypu think I should raise
Posted on 17.05.2016 from Jim And Dee | Read here (60 Answers)

Sat problem

Hi all I have an OYSTER VISION satellite dish.
Worked very well for last 2 years. Now it opens as usual but cant seem to "lock on" to Astra 2. Any suggestions please?
Posted on 02.02.2016 from thepilote | Read here (15 Answers)
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