Motorhome Craic Club


Motorhomecraic Club, Craic dealing for over 10 years!!  

The Club with Fun, friendship and great times.

We plan to organise meets for MHCC members as we have done for the last 8 years. 

We have our Exemption certificate which allows us to hold Rallies in NI and our Public Liability Insurance which covers NI & ROI, we will also be creating a network of CL’s in NI (no such legislation in ROI) which can be used by all club members. We will have stopovers in ROI for Club members only.

You will receive our welcome pack including a sticker, membership card and a welcome letter. The membership card will allow you to avail of Club only discounts.

You can be added to the new private club section.

MHCC is mainly an online club, a new modern Motorhome Club. You MUST be registered on to join MHCC and to get the full benefits of the club, there will be no point in joining if you have not registered on and are not prepared to use the forum for all club information – All club business will be conducted on in a private Members only section.

One year membership will be £14.99

If you are interested, you can join below, you will receive your membership pack. You can avail of our discounts straight away and you will be given access to our private club sections on our forums, everyone will be on 6 months probation and we retain the right to terminate membership at any time.

Below you can pay Via Square or Gocardless, you can pay for a one off 12 month payment or a recurring subscription with GoCardless.

Pay via Square for 12 months club membership. Click to go to our Payment site

Direct Debit via GoCardless Recurring subscription (GBP – UK)