Calor, bad news

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Calor, bad news

Posted: 19.01.2023  ·  #1
Bad news for Calor Gas users.
Calor Gas is speculated to be announcing today that they will discontinue the supply of all smaller bottles with immediate effect. This will apply to 3.9kg propane, 4.5kg butane and the 6kg Lite bottle.
We expect a press release today, the 19th of January 2023, where full details will be confirmed. We understand this is due to issues in their supply chain and an oversupply of bottles in circulation.
Users will be able to trade a 3.9kg bottle up to a regular 6kg, and a 4.5kg bottle up to a 7kg. The Calor Lite bottle can be exchanged for a 6kg.
This will undoubtedly put pressure on the availability of the 6kg propane bottle as people upgrade. Owners of campervans or leisure vehicles with small gas bottle storage will need to look at campingaz 904 or 907 as a possible alternative. No doubt these will be in short supply again too, which would result in a price increase.
My advice is to plan early, consider changing your regulator and purchase your bottles ahead of summer!
In other news, one of Calor Gas’ biggest customers, B&Q, has cancelled its supply contract with Calor. This will no doubt have an impact on their sales in the UK and an impact on how barbecues are fuelled.
We await the official press release today.

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