Craignamanagh barrow valley hub

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Craignamanagh barrow valley hub

Posted: 26.09.2022  ·  #1
This was our last stop before we had to come home ,another gem ,the Aire is fantastic €11 for the night extra for hook up €3 for showers dogs welcome but must be Kept on a lead in the park a great little town full of history the enemy and I were reading a wall plaque when a man started talking to us we got a great insite into the towns as the river is the border between co Carlow and co Kilkenny so we parked in Kilkenny and drank in Carlow 😂 there is a lovely little cafe in the Kilkenny side the daisy Chain the bloke who owns it is also a mine of information plus it’s also a shop ,those who love history it’s a must visit the monastery is also a must see 10/10 from us

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