caravan damp questions

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caravan damp questions

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Question are related to video i pu on youtube

Questions are:
mainly how to remove polystyrene from alu wall and need remove glue also for replacement insulation?
Is good idea to use other insulatio e.g. fiberglass instead of polysteryne, just for sake it is easier for filling space, yet if there is ingress again, does fiberglass gets f***ed and stopped working?
what to use to remove glue/polystyrene/half rotten timber it as easy as possible + tips for half rotten timber
where to get plywood, customize polystyrene for wall replacement(and/or how to precisely cut it?)
how to fix flow if damp + root went down

Above all, how to make 100% sure no more water can get in? for rail i bought mastic tape, but can also normal tube silicon be used and is there difference?
How to fix that outter shell damage, there is tiny open hole i did

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Re: caravan damp questions

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A lot of questions but 2 answers. Forget about ordinary silicon and do a lot of research. And get a multi tool with a scraper blade to remove polystyrene

On a brighter note I have sent a YouTube link to a friend of mine on how he gutted a Motorhome to get rid of rot and damp.
Should be 10 videos so lots of help and advice, same principle for a caravan and there are No shortcuts.


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