Is it the end of the road for my new motorhome?

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Hi There,

(Im still figuring out this forum, so only spotted the reply's to my last post when it was too late :-Z

I did go ahead and buy a motorhome from a private seller. It's a peugeot boxer wayfinder motorhome year 2000. When I viewed it, it looked great, everything I was looking for! ...the right layout, everything working, It seemed clean and fresh, (compared to some of the previous horrors I had seen).
The add said 'No Damp'. and it's also the first thing I asked before going to view it.

When I got it home, and climbed up into the sleeping area over the cab the next day, I found a damp spot under the mattress, on the left side, and a smaller one again on the right side. Part of the wall beside the larger spot is a little spongy also.

I feel a bit dumb, and too trusting! There had been no ladder to hand to climb up when viewing it, and the ceiling above the area that I could view, looked spotless.

I am gutted, to be honest! I love it apart from this, and had great plains to decorate the Interior ..painting and reupholstering etc.

Now I don't know if to bother, Or if I should contact the seller and persist on trying to return it.

I have a sinking feeling that the repair needed will end up costing me more than the value of it, and I don't have loads of money to start ploughing into repairs...

Can anybody advise me.
Is this a huge issue... or can It be affordably repaired? And Is it something that needs to be repaired Immediately?

This is my first motorhome, Its all new to me, and I no idea of the scale of the issue.

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Re: Damp.

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