Bars that welcome Motorhomes - overcharging?

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Bars that welcome Motorhomes - overcharging?

Posted: 06.05.2022  ·  #1
I made the Bars listed on Motorhome Parking Ireland free for everyone, no need to buy the app, to support bars in Ireland and NI. Yes there are google maps, but they are quite useless, clumsy, awkward, no reviews etc etc.

It seems now that quite a few are going to make us regret that as they are starting to introduce higher charges. The whole idea is Motorhome owners bring custom to Bars, if they don't spend money in the premises then the premises charge them. Recommended is €10 with no services, we don't need services.

It's not uncommon to spend well over €150 or £150 in a bar with food & drink so why would the bar charge for Parking, it seems greed is the order of the day. A couple of bars have went ahead and installed not needed services, thats all welcome, but when you start pricing that Parking at €15 + then its not going to get used by people frequenting the premises.

Another review added today with a bar charging €10 for Parking even when you spend money in the bar and you have to pay in cash at the local shop.

Some bars are going to turn people away. We all know who they are.

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