Causeway Coast and glens.

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Causeway Coast and glens.

Posted: 26.06.2020  ·  #1
.Before anyone travels to Portrush this weekend !!!
Arrived at Portrush today to find that the aires are not open as yet so I sent an email to the causeway coast and glens as asked for their reasoning behind it as I may have missed this information being published this was the reply

Further to your message regarding the above, as per the statement on the Council website, touring facilities and aire de service are not available until Wednesday 01 July.

'From Wednesday 1st July, pitches will be available for touring caravan and motorhome visitors at all 6 of our Holiday and Leisure Parks and the Sandhill Drive Air-de-Service facility'.

Today's date of 26 June was applicable to our static/seasonal pitch holders who are able to access their vans from today.


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Re: Causeway Coast and glens.

Posted: 27.06.2020  ·  #2
On Friday morning there were lots of motorhomes parked up at Ramore head car park in portrush so it has not put people off going,and from the last balance sheets published by that council they could do well by getting the income from that Aires facility.

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