Importing 30 year plus campervan

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Importing 30 year plus campervan

Posted: 06.10.2019  ·  #1

I'm thinking of getting a Westfalia T25 van next year. I'm interested in this model, both as a campervan and a project. The ones I like are generally late 1980s built.

I was comparing availability and price and it seem sensible to consider importing from UK or Germany.

If, say, I imported a 1988 van and paid, say, 15,000€, what would be implications regarding

1. Import tax, if any
2. Registering here in Ireland. I believe VRT is high but uncertain if this van would be classified as a classic
3. Insurance. How would I insure van if I purchased in Germany and drove back to Ireland via France ferry
4. Is there classic road tax and would 30yrs+ count as classic
5. Ditto classic insurance

Thanks for reading this.

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