Big Ron.

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Big Ron.

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Big Ron rode into the small town leading the pack of bikers as he always does. Every one of them looked up to Big Ron and followed his every move in awe.
A crowd was spotted on the bridge and Big Ron hurriedly parked his bike and went to investigate quickly spotting a young beauty standing high on the bridge contemplating the worst.
“Hi there, little doll” shouted Big Ron, “If you are going to jump in there, I want a big kiss before you do” Big Ron was by now halfway up the parapet and soon had his arms around the lonely figure.
The crowd cheered as Big Ron planted a deep and passionate kiss on the lips of his new found friend which was appreciably responded to again and again with the crowd looking on in amazement and the bikers in sheer admiration of their hero.
Big Ron came up for air and inquired the name of the young person in his grasp and was told Jude.
“Now Jude” asks Big Ron “why on earth do you want to do this terrible thing?” enjoying another quick kiss, “My mum and Dad don’t like what I do and it always causes rows” answered Jude looking sadly at Big Ron.
“Now, Now, what does your mum not like you doing?” asks Big Ron “She doesn’t like me wearing makeup” said Jude,
“that’s silly” sympathised Big Ron “and what does your father not like you doing?”
“He doesn’t like me dressing up like a girl.

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Re: Big Ron.

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