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Hey Craic'ers,

I've been tearing my hair out for the past 6 months trying to find someone (anyone!) who is qualified/registered to do a proper gas inspection for my old camper AND can also install a diesel overnight heater, somewhere not too far from Belfast if possible.

I had tried Leisure Care NI, on Ally's recommendation, who initially said he could do it but has been giving me the cold shoulder all summer. As I can't seem to get him to give me a reply or date to bring Queenie in, I'm giving up.

I also approached Caravan Servicing NI who said yes to gas checks but no to heater installation.

Do any of you have a possible recommendation?

Many thanks,

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Re: Gas!

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Are You perhaps looking in the wrong place to get this work done as for the gas if its working nice blue flame should be ok my wife would know if there was a leak as soon as she walked in the door (gas smells). The diesel heater should be within the capability's of most local garage work shops a lot of people fit their own so it''s not rocket science. Theres how to videos on utube that can help when you find some one
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