Cruise Control and Satellite dish kit

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Cruise Control and Satellite dish kit

Posted: 15.08.2019  ·  #1
Having a clear out and realistically not going to use these:

Waeco Magicspeed MS50 cruise Control Kit. Brand new and still in box with full instructions. Only thing I did was unpack it to make sure it was all there. Bought for a Hymer 644 we had but have changed motorhome's now so don't need it. Universal model fits all older type motorhomes with throttle cable. Think I paid £160 for it so first £125 can have it.

HD portable Satellite System. Again brand new and never used just unpacked to make sure it was all there. Bought it because I couldn't get the ariel to work only to discover it was only one of the cable ends at fault so again never used . One of the Aldi/Lidl ones so plenty of information on line re setting it up. Think it was£59 so first £45.

Travel over Ireland for work so may be able to meet up to deliver.
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