Bangor waterfront redevelopment, Co. Down

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Bangor waterfront redevelopment, Co. Down

Posted: 15.05.2019  ·  #1…n-project/

“Up to £40 million of the Belfast Region City Deal is to be used on the complete redevelopment of the Bangor waterfront area, which will include a re-imagining of Ballyholme Beach and the redevelopment of Bangor seafront.

The redevelopment would also include the building of what Ards and North Down Borough Council call a “unique national visitor attraction” and would go some way towards establishing Bangor as the “Kinsale of the North” as was outlined in the Bangor Town Centre Masterplan released by the then North Down Borough Council (NDBC) in July 2011, before its amalgamation with Ards Borough Council.”

A lot of things mentioned to encourage tourism, but not Motorhomes. There is to be a 12 week period of consultation. That will be an opportunity for us to make a point. Watch this space.

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