Peugeot boxer start problems

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Peugeot boxer start problems

Posted: 25.02.2021  ·  #1
I'm new owner of peugeot boxer 2.2 hdi l3h2 year 2007.
But I have starting problems with it. I buy new battery and is not better.
In the morning it really need time to start. But when it start there is no smoke and the engine runs perfectly. When is little bit warmer it starts on first try. But if I turn it of after start and I turn key right away it won't start. I have to wait 10-20 seconds and then it start.
At this point I can hear click sound from the hood and after this click it starts right away.
I assume the click came from glow plug relay.
Can anyone help me with this problem? It is annoying if van wont start like it shuld.

And hi to all member of this forum.

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