Communal facilities open or closed

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Communal facilities open or closed

Posted: 20.05.2020  ·  #1
Thought this may be interesting to a few of you.
The National Caravan Council (NCC), the industry body that represents the leisure vehicle industry in the UK is lobbying the government to reopen UK caravan parks as soon as it is safe to do so (private owners and then holidaymakers but without any access to facilities until is it safe) in line with proposals in England no later than 4 July.

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Re: Communal facilities open or closed

Posted: 20.05.2020  ·  #2
I believe the caravan and Motorhome club have written to the government lobbying for a controlled opening.


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Re: Communal facilities open or closed

Posted: 20.05.2020  ·  #3
We need a NMC. Stop this association with those who tour completely different to us. It's not as if the NCC covers B&B's so why should it cover Motorhomes.

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