Wanted - Citroen relay 2005 seating

New seating for my Citroen relay conversion

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Wanted - Citroen relay 2005 seating

Posted: 06.09.2019  ·  #1
Hey guys

I am in the middle of converting my 2005 Citroen relay van to a camper van.

I'm currently at a bit of a standstill with the front seating arrangement .

I am happy to go with a double swivel OR two singles , my chosen layout will allow either .

would anyone happen to be selling either of the above?

One double swivel base OR two single swivel set ups (bases , swivel plates and seats )


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Re: Wanted - Citroen relay 2005 seating

Posted: 06.09.2019  ·  #2
Sorry not selling anything, but check with your insurance before buying. I may be wrong but one of the stipulations for it to be insured as a camper/motorhome is that you are able to walk from the cab area into the habitation area. Good luck with the conversion and don't forget to post plenty of photos, we're a nosy lot. :lol:

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