Hyundai i10 tow car

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Hyundai i10 tow car

Posted: 27.04.2019  ·  #1
I didnt realise the images on the previous ad were gone, so I am re-posting this on a new advert.

I have heard all the arguments about legalities of a tow car etc.
My understanding of it is this, when being towed the car is no longer a car and becomes a trailer instead. Trailers over 750KG legally require their own braking system, which operates on their wheels to comply with the law.

Smart-Tow have develloped a system which energises the brakes on the tow car and when needed, the car brakes operate. They are not operating on a dead pedal like other systems.

This system is in excess of £2000 to have installed. Plenty of information and some videos here on their website:-

My Hyundai i10 was first registered in 2010. It is the Comfort model, 80bhp, 5 speed, 5 door, 4 X electric windows, ABS, ice cold aircon, Remote central locking. The car has only covered 23300 miles. It recently has had 4 all season tyres fitted, returns almost 50mpg and is only £30 a year to tax. The car needs nothing.

We have towed the car from Belfast to Co Clare and also taken it to Scotland and France. It hasn't been laid up when it's not behind the motorhome. It is used as the 2nd family runabout, which has been used daily for school runs and to take the wife her 2 mile commute to work. She is a lively 1200cc engine and drives like a little go kart.

I'm going to put it up here at £3000.

Cherished number plate not included in the sale, she will revert to the IIG number as in some of the images



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