Broken down RV

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Broken down RV

Posted: 25.01.2018  ·  #1
Many years ago while touring in Potugal I came across a very large American RV that had broken down. The guy was tinkering underneath and there was a large pool of fluid below the van. It was obvious that some pipe or tube had broken. I realised that I couldn’t offer much help but he then asked if I could tow him to the nearest garage. We had a 2 lt Transit Autosleeper at the time fully loaded with kids, bikes, awning, wine etc. I valued my clutch too much and had to politely decline. It took me a while to politely decline

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Re: Broken down RV

Posted: 12.02.2018  ·  #2
Sounds like transmission fluid, lots of pipe work and oil coolers under an RV. Don't blame you for not towing....

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