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Motorhome Chat
Motorhome Chat and Advice
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Motorhome Parking in Ireland and Northern Ireland
Motorhome Parking area's and overnight areas. Aires, Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels that allow Motorhome Parking.
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Re: Kinsale by baguet…
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Re: Strandcamp… by Strand…
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Across the Water
What's going on across the water in GB, France or further afield, post ferry deals, great places to stay etc
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Members Blogs, going on a journey want to blog it for other craic members to see? or just want to share your Motorhome experiences.
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For sale & Wanted
Post your For Sale & Wanted Motorhome and related stuff in here. Non Motorhome adverts also welcome.
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Re: Tracker by TommyS
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See the Sights
Film locations - area's of culture - sightseeing spots
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Re: Pamela and… by Pam Ba…
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Tout your Business
Work on Motorhomes? Clean them? service them? any Irish business related to Motorhomes can advertise in this section free of charge. This website has millions of hits, it is not a closed group like Facebook, we are Google friendly and your advert will be seen by thousands of Motorhomers in Ireland.
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Guinness and C… by cowboy…
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Importing/Exporting Motorhomes, campervans Ireland and Northern Ireland
Importing/Exporting Motorhomes, campervans, RV's into and out of Ireland and Northern Ireland, VRT, Classic Vehicles
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French Import by sprint…
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How it all works

Mechanical & Technical
Mechanical & Technical, TV and Satellite, Solar power, Fridges and Ovens, Got a problem? ask in here and hopefully someone can help.
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Re: Running ou… by JJF
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Motorhome Tips & Guides
Useful tips and guides. Topics that are themselves a guide or topics that are moved by Admin as they are deemed worthy of helping others in the future. Technical topics must have an outcome to make it into this category.
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Re: Smell from… by Mark&W…
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WiFi GPS 3G/4G/5G & Smart Phones
Connectivitiy - SatNavs - Networks - WiFi - Smart Phones
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Re: WIFI by Ally
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Service & Product Reviews
Have you received a good service from someone? Purchased a good product? let us know about it in here.
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Premium Members Forums

Premium Members chat
If you wish your post to be out of public view then this is the place for it.
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Craic Meets
Motorhomecraic organised events/meet section.
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Going anywhere this weekend?
If you are heading away and want to let others know, this is the place to do it.
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