Ballybofey , Donegal

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Ballybofey , Donegal

Posted: 13.02.2018  ·  #1
Could anyone suggest a stop over as close to Ballybofey in Donegal as possible, wife wants to do some shopping there so thought it would be any excuse for a weekend away , any thoughts.

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Re: Ballybofey , Donegal

Posted: 13.02.2018  ·  #2
David.... there is places in the town you could stop as there is no height barriers.
I would need to send you some google coordinates.....
Type those into google maps;
9C6JR627+CF (Dromboe woods)
9C6JR64M+6P (Millbrae)

My place is 15 minutes away, your welcome to stay but I’m in France at the minute.
I can also privately send you coordinates of a business friend with premises in the town with lots of parking, could get you in there also but just need a call first to OK it for you.
Drop me a PM if you need me to sort it.

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